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Create a brand that sets you apart from the competition with a strong brand identity with this self-paced, branding challenge!

Are you ready to create a brand that truly reflects your unique vision and captivates your audience? 

The Design Your Brand Challenge is a self-paced challenge in a text-based course format designed to guide you through the branding process to help you design a brand that effortlessly communicates your message, values and personality.



  1. The true impact of branding and how to set your online business apart from the competition.

  2. A deep understanding of your target audience to build trust and loyalty.

  3. How to choose the perfect color palette, fonts and elements for your unique brand

  4. Simple tips to create a captivating logo and favicon that captures attention and serves as a powerful symbol of your online business.


To make it even easier for you to design your brand, you’ll receive bonuses: 

  • 10-Day Challenge Trello Board which has broken down the steps into 10 short days to help you stay organized and keep track of your progress.

  • Challenge Google Doc Workbook filled with valuable prompts to guide you through the brand design process

  • Branding Cheat Sheets with visual examples of various brand personalities 

You’ll receive instant access to all the challenge content to allow you to work through the challenge tasks at your own pace.

This course is not eligible for additional coupons or discounts. This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.


✔️ An actionable, text-based course to help you design your brand in 10 days or less!

✔️ Bonus: Challenge Trello Board

✔️ Bonus: Challenge Google Doc Workbook

✔️ An invite to my student/client only community


I’m brand new to business, is this challenge for me?

This is totally a beginner’s guide to branding, so in other words…yes! The challenge was created specifically for anyone who is newer to online business and wants to DIY their brand and avoid spending thousands to hire a designer.

What if I want to complete the challenge in less / more than 10 days?

You’ll receive instant access to all the challenge content, and you’re welcome to take as long or as little time to complete the challenge.

Are there any paid tools or resources I’ll need to design my brand?

For any tools involved with creating your brand, I’ll provide you with free and paid options to help you get the task done.

What is Trello?

Trello is a visual, productivity tool that allows users to create boards, lists, and cards to organize and prioritize tasks and projects with ease. Trello's visual and intuitive design makes it a popular choice for online business owners to manage workflows, track progress, share information and more. It’s my tool of choice and manages my entire business!


This course is hosted on my course platform, Thrivecart Learn. Once you checkout, you’ll receive an email with login details and next steps. If you already have an account on my course site, you can login here:

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

A mockup displaying the Design Your Branding Challenge course and bonuses that will help you go through the branding process in just 10 days.
A laptop screen mockup displaying the bonus Challenge Trello Board that will help you stay organized and keep track of your branding tasks.
A document mockup displaying the bonus Google Doc Workbook that includes prompts and exercises to help you design your brand.
A testimonial graphic that says, “I feel like it’s hard to define your brand in the beginning, but her guide solves all your branding problems. I love the part about choosing your brand colors because they say so much about your business. The resources are awesome, and the worksheets help you walk through the process she lays out. Lucy makes branding easy, and this should be your go-to guide on how to create your blog and business brand. I promise you won’t be disappointed!” by Heather Ritchie
A testimonial graphic that says, ““Her effortless and relatable teaching style helped me not only brand my blog but understand the strategy behind it. She also went through the process step by step and gave me the resources that I needed to brand my blog the right way! If you haven’t yet branded your blog, you need this guide!” by Pamela Krista

What Others Are Saying

“I felt overwhelmed and just found that I wasn't really using it to it's the full extent. [My favorite part about Weekly Planning in Trello was] it was really quick and simple - not too long winded or wordy. Really easy to watch. I love the template, your course made it easy to understand and I can't wait to have my online business become more organized and easier for me to manage.”

Brianna T.

"I never thought of organizing it this way. I will pay more attention to feedback and questions I hear and be sure to add them to [the Struggle Street Template] board."

Laurie J.

"I just finished the Promo Power-Ups course and I really liked it! So actionable and really helpful examples and swipes. I'm now working on updating my P.S. in my welcome sequence."

Megan E.

"If you love attending online summits, but get overwhelmed with the plethora of information and new people to follow, then you REALLY need to see this [Prep for Summit Success (as an Attendee)]! You’ll go into your next summit feeling a little more relaxed and ready to learn, just knowing that you’ll be able to find everything all in one place. I feel more prepared now to set up my email organization and to create my own Trello boards for new summits."

Misty L.

"I loved it! I've been trying to organize my CK for awhile but never knew exactly how to do it efficiently. I also learned new ways to categorize my list. So it was cool that I learned and implemented more than just coming up with an organized naming convention for my list!"

Kaycee F.

"I was def overwhelmed and scared to look at all my uploads but this made me do it and it’s not so bad. I’ve already deleted 100s of graphics and am creating naming conventions. [Canva Chaos Controlled] was so helpful!"

Sarah Steckler