Implementation Workshop: Autoresponders Made Easy

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Create an effective autoresponder message in Gmail within minutes. 

Learn how to set up an autoresponder that ensures your audience receives timely responses without you needing to reply manually. 


  1. The true purpose of having an email autoresponder

  2. Key components to include in your autoresponder message for efficient communication

  3. How to set up an autoresponder in Gmail within minutes

You’ll also receive a bonus Autoresponder Message Workbook as part of your implementation plan.


This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.


✔️ 3 short, actionable workshop videos to help you set up your autoresponder in Gmail.

✔️ Bonus: Autoresponder Message Workbook to help you craft and set up your autoresponder message.

✔️ Bonus: Private Podcast Feed to listen on-the go.

✔️ An invite to my student/client only community


Do I need specific tech to implement these strategies?

The majority of the training is focused on the autoresponder strategy and message which is true regardless of the platform you’ll use to set it up. However, the tech tutorial included is specifically for Gmail users.

I’m new to the online business, is it worth implementing this now?

Yup! Having an autoresponder set up showcases your professionalism and provides a positive email experience. In this workshop, we’ll cover what to include / what not to include in your message depending on where you’re at in business.


This template and training is hosted in my course platform, Thrivecart Learn. Once you checkout, you’ll receive an email with login details and next steps. If you already have an account on my course site, you can login here:

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

A monitor mockup displaying the Implementation Workshop on setting up an autoresponder in Gmail.
A monitor mockup displaying the course platform for the Implementation Workshop on how to set up an email autoresponder.
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What Others Are Saying

“I felt overwhelmed and just found that I wasn't really using it to it's the full extent. [My favorite part about Weekly Planning in Trello was] it was really quick and simple - not too long winded or wordy. Really easy to watch. I love the template, your course made it easy to understand and I can't wait to have my online business become more organized and easier for me to manage.”

Brianna T.

"I never thought of organizing it this way. I will pay more attention to feedback and questions I hear and be sure to add them to [the Struggle Street Template] board."

Laurie J.

"I just finished the Promo Power-Ups course and I really liked it! So actionable and really helpful examples and swipes. I'm now working on updating my P.S. in my welcome sequence."

Megan E.

"If you love attending online summits, but get overwhelmed with the plethora of information and new people to follow, then you REALLY need to see this [Prep for Summit Success (as an Attendee)]! You’ll go into your next summit feeling a little more relaxed and ready to learn, just knowing that you’ll be able to find everything all in one place. I feel more prepared now to set up my email organization and to create my own Trello boards for new summits."

Misty L.

"I loved it! I've been trying to organize my CK for awhile but never knew exactly how to do it efficiently. I also learned new ways to categorize my list. So it was cool that I learned and implemented more than just coming up with an organized naming convention for my list!"

Kaycee F.

"I was def overwhelmed and scared to look at all my uploads but this made me do it and it’s not so bad. I’ve already deleted 100s of graphics and am creating naming conventions. [Canva Chaos Controlled] was so helpful!"

Sarah Steckler